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2006 Pictures

Touring near the swamp

A little meandering before we get down to work. (I'm using big pictures to show you the details. Just scroll on down the page as fast as you want.)





First let's see what our former access route looks like today. Here is the roadway we used to walk down, off of Achiu Lane.












Isa and I also toured local taro patches. (Isa took most of these pictures. Look how she gets the light thru the leaves.) This is where my favorite luau leaf grows (Kahuku brand taro leaf from Safeway).




















Nancy and I went out to the Campbell wetlands. They have guided tours, and you'll see all 4 of the native Hawaiian water birds. (And on the next swamp trip you'll see most of them as you cross the hasu fields.) To keep the water open, these guys use an excavator from the high solid ground around the ponds, fire, spraying, vast volunteer crews, etc.







Link to the wetlands:


Other distractions dominate the lives of swampers. Most of us are spending more time with our homes and families than with slashing California grass. Here Tara and Chad are expecting their first baby in their Hamakua home. Young Evan was born Feb 26, 2006.

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